The Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli

Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli


Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli

I think it’s vital for a designer to know how to draw. The higher the skill the better the result. As a fashion designer you must know anatomy very well. You must also be able to draw figures masterfully. And when it comes to lingerie everything gets more serious. Lingerie has the strongest contact with body than any other apparel.

In fact, a designer must know how a lingerie set, fit on a different body types in order to maintain both beauty and comfort. Just by checking some contemporary or classical figurative paintings one can easily comprehend the vast difference between the works of those artists who have studied human forms and those who have not. And as a lingerie illustrator, I highly benefited from my artistic background.

Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli

I sometimes draw women with undergarments to study the wrinkles of certain fabrics and their forms in different positions. And drawing the details plays an important role in achieving that goal. I made this drawing of my model while ago when she was resting on my couch after an amazing lingerie photography session. She was wearing a sexy lingerie set from Incanto.

The position of her lace garter and stockings took my attention as she was about to drink a cup of coffee. I drew it accordingly. You know, you get a better insight of lingerie by drawing it. You get to focus on the details much better than merely touching it. They way the floral textiles look on different skin tones and body types along with the various shades they present are of great importance to me.

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In order to make a thong you must first know what kind of thong you intend to make. V-string, G-string and Cheeky, all fall under thong category. In this 1-minute video, I show you how to make a regular thong. 1. First, you need to provide elastic lace and bands. 2. Then you need a size chart for the measurements. Draw the patterns on a tissue paper, according to your specific measurements. 3. Cut the patterns. 4. Fold the fabric symmetrically and put the patterns on it. 5. Cut the fabric parallel to your pattern cut. Remember to do it 1 cm farther from the sides. Do it with concentration. 6. All female panties need a crotch on the bottom. You must also cut a georgette and stitch it to the lace first. 7. Remember all sewing process must be done backwards, meaning you need to face the back of fabrics onto each other while sewing. Then you reverse it when it’s done. (Please note that you must stretch the fabrics in all stitching parts). 8. After all fabric cuts were stitched, you can add a delicate elastic band on the sides to embellish the thong and make it sexier. 8. Overcasting is one of the most challenging parts of lingerie making. You need to do it elaborately. Now, you can wear what you just made or give it to your loved one to wear and enjoy its tenderness, in a most delightful way! ????

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In my journey through lingerie designing I came to believe that not only skillful drawing is necessary in the process of lingerie making but knowing how to sew plays an important role as well. Hence, I bought a sewing machine, searched through YouTube videos, obtained some books and started to learn the fundaments of lingerie making. Shortly after I set up my own designing room and began working in it. These are the pieces I made by myself only by watching instructional videos and reading lingerie making books.

And I confess, I couldn’t have come this far if I wasn’t able to sew lingerie. Learning how to sew made a significant change to my lingerie designing career and I’m eagerly looking to work with any brand who shows interest on my lingerie designs.

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