Lounging in Luxury: EKS Robe Review

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EKS Burnout Silk Robe

“You are worthy and deserving of a handmade silk robe, fit for the goddess you are.”

Reverently I untie a lush satin ribbon, and gently pull layers of tissue paper apart. I’ve just unboxed the EKS burnout silk robe, and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned. It has an old-world feel to it, almost ceremonial. I twirl with a dramatic flourish, yards of rich chocolate brown silk whipping around me. Inspired by ancient art, the brand’s designer Melissa Clark of EKS Lingerie tells me more about how this piece fits into her signature collection.

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“I want to offer alternative foundations as well as the dramatic robes and loungewear,” Melissa says. Luxurious silks in polished earth tones pair expertly with airy, neutral mesh foundation pieces in the EKS signature collection. The full line includes pieces like the retro high waisted panty and bandeau set in mesh and two knockout bodysuits as not-so-basic basics. Melissa’s penchant for drama is showcased in the holster bra and skirt set, a strappy number that would make your mother blush. All of these pair effortlessly under what is easily the standout piece in the collection, the burnout robe.

Dramatic Style & Handmade Details

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“The EKS girl is a boss who doesn’t pander to patriarchal norms,” she says. “She believes in sensual expression in its highest forms.” Melissa Clark.

Mon coeur, the burnout robe. I’m a sucker for burnout silk anything. Burnout is done using an etching liquid on a silk/rayon blend – the rayon burns away and only the silk remains. It creates beautiful windows of light where the fibers are thinner and the fabric becomes sheer. Clark sources her silk from New York, so everything is made in USA.

EKS Robe Review

When constructing the robe, she painstakingly places the burned-out areas in the most aesthetically pleasing way to highlight the female form when the robe is worn. Each size is placed by hand and each unique. I ordered a size medium, I’m 5’9” and a size 6-8 and it fit me perfectly. I felt positively like a goddess in this robe, sensual yet strong. I was pleased no expense was spared and there was lots of volume and drama with plenty of fabric to drape around myself. A wide banded collar and cuffs make the silky garment feel structured and expensive. This is not your post-shower ratty bathrobe on the back of the bathroom door. No darling, you are a queen when you put this on.

EKS Robe Review

“Silk is an incredible fiber—it possesses an aliveness that other fibers simply lack,” Melissa says. New Orleans serves as her production and sewing home base as well as an endless source of inspiration. “I have the great fortune of living in one of the most beautiful places on earth, I am very inspired by the natural beauty of this place.” Photographed in a 19th Century New Orleans estate, the EKS lookbook makes me want to don silk robes whilst sipping mint juleps, and daydreaming of the glamourous old-world southern aristocracy.

Starting from Scratch

EKS Robe Review
This robe was born from the years Melissa spent making theatre costumes on her grandmothers’ old sewing machine. One day she came across an old remnant of luxurious 4-ply silk she had been hanging onto forever but was unsure what she could possibly make out of something so small. Deftly cutting, pinning, and sewing, she quickly fashioned herself a camisole and tap short set. And voila, EKS Lingerie was created.

I asked Melissa who is the EKS girl she designs for? “The EKS girl is a boss who doesn’t pander to patriarchal norms,” she says. “She believes in sensual expression in its highest forms.”

I hope others will feel empowered & emboldened by the EKS message and products. You are worthy and deserving of a handmade silk robe, fit for the goddess you are.

Learn more about EKS

Website: www.ekslingerie.com
Email: ekstaticmodeofbeing@gmail.com

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