Shahrad Malekfazeli work with Vacanze Italiane

Vacanze Italiane work by Shahrad Malekfazeli 1


Vacanze Italiane work by Shahrad Malekfazeli

Story and artwork by Shahrad Malekfazeli

In my first interview with The Lingerie Journal, I mentioned my unexpected encounter with the Vacanze Italiane at the Interfiliere lingerie festival in Paris.

The manager of this luxurious Italian brand showed interest in my works. Everything led to another and in an hour I was going to design a whole swimsuit collection for them. It was a great experience to work with this fancy Napoli based company indeed.

Vacanze Italiane work by Shahrad Malekfazeli

I met them in July and by the end of September I had the entire collection ready for them. Here is the sample of my designs, all inspired from famous Persian monuments Including Hasht-Behesht (literally translates as Eight Heavens) in Isfahan.

Vacanze Italiane work by Shahrad Malekfazeli

As life begins inside female’s uterus, I tried to emphasize on the beauty of creation by positioning the center of my design on her belly button. As if everything expands from there, like the big bang. And I achieved it in my blue collection.

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